1.2L Thermos Liner
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  • Air Pro1.2L Thermos Liner
  • Air Pro1.2L Thermos Liner
  • Air Pro1.2L Thermos Liner

1.2L Thermos Liner

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1.2L Thermos Liner

Snelle details

Name: Thermos flask

Toepasselijke mensen: alles

Thermal insulation performance: 24 hours

Type fles: vacuüm

Shape: belly cup

Production: Vacuum flask

Birthplace: Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Brand: Keyster

Material: Glass

Usage: water

Productnaam: Thermos

Capaciteit: 1,2L

Type: vacuum pot

Trademark: printed

Packing: 24 pieces / box

Function: keep the drink hot and cold

1.2L Thermos Liner

The thermos bottle is made of double-glazed glass. Both layers of glass are coated with silver. Like a mirror, it can reflect the heat rays back, which cuts off the passage of heat radiation. The vacuum between the two layers of the thermos bottle destroys the conditions of convective conduction. The thermos cap uses a cork that does not easily transfer heat, blocking the passage of convective heat transfer. The three roads of heat transfer are perfectly blocked, and the heat can be retained for a long time. However, the heat insulation of the thermos is not so ideal, and some of the heat can still run out, so the holding time of the thermos has a certain limit.


The function of the thermos is to maintain the temperature of the hot water in the bottle, to cut off the heat exchange between the bottle and the outside of the bottle, so that the "heat" inside the bottle can not be discharged, and the "cold" outside the bottle cannot enter. If you put ice cube in the thermos, the "hot" outside is not easy to run into the bottle, and the ice cube is not easy to change. Therefore, it is scientific to call a thermos a thermos because it can protect both "hot" and "cold".



1. Excellent liner quality

Long-lasting insulation, easy to carry, complete specifications

2. Voeringdetail

Grote capaciteit, glad uiterlijk, niet gemakkelijk te lekken

3. Insulation liner

Zorgvuldige productie, heldere kleuren, niet gemakkelijk te vervormen

4. The sharp corner of the liner

Small size, easy to install, large quantity favorably

Waarom voor ons kiezen?

1. We are the only manufacturer in China that is still producing glass liners for insulated lunch boxes.

2. De thermosflesvoering van glasmateriaal is milieuvriendelijker en veiliger dan de roestvrijstalen voering en ontleedt geen schadelijke stoffen.

3. The company supports customizing various types of glass liners.

4. It can provide three kinds of environmental protection grades of medium and high temperature, which meet the import standards of any country in the world.

Supply Ability

Capaciteit van de levering: 10000 stuk / stukken per dag

Verpakking & amp; Levering

Packaging Details:24pcs/box

Poort: & nbsp; Shanghai


Quantity(Pieces)  1 - 5000  >5000

Tijd (dagen) & nbsp; 30Om te onderhandelen

1.2L Thermos Liner


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